WordPress Guide for Beginners (Complete)

Welcome to our exclusive for WordPress Guide for Beginners (Complete) This guide for the new blogger who wants to set up their blog on the WordPress Platform.

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Why use WordPress?

  • WordPress is the platform used by 95% of successful bloggers because it is very powerful and easy to customizable. It is available over 100 languages. 35% of the internet powered by this WordPress.
  • WordPress has more than 50,000+ Plugins and 10,0000+ Themes.
  • Bluehost is a perfect hosting for beginners and Bluehost has 24*7 support on Call, Email & Live Chat.

Can I start blogging with a Free Hosting?

You can start a Free Blog If you want. But in my opinion, You Shoudn’t start a free blog. If you want to make passive income or a successful business. There is the biggest reason some reason mention below why you should not start a blog with free hosting.

  • Don’t Own Your Domain Name.
  • You can’t run ads and limited in other ways of monetizing your content.
  • It looks unprofessional and is not a trusted source.
  • Minimum Bandwidth.
  • Limited Supports.
  • Lots of Bugs & Many More

In this guide will show you the following things:-

  1. How to buy Web Hosting and Grab a Free Domain Name
  2. Install WordPress
  3. Become an expert of WordPress dashboard
  4. Extremely important changes after installing WordPress
  5. Install WordPress theme
  6. Install WordPress Plugin
  7. Add Google Analytics to your website
  8. Pro WordPress tips
    • Speed up Website
    • Secure your Website
    • Optimize WordPress database size to improve performance

After reading this guide I assure you can run own WordPress blog website without any problem or hire any developer.

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Step 01:- How To Buy Hosting or Grab a Free Domain Name

To host your website, you need to hosting where your files stored and a domain names its helps user to access your website.

You can choose Bluehost hosting yo host your website its comes with the free domain name and the monthly cost is $5.95 for unlimited storage, emails, bandwidth & $200 Marketing Credit.

Let’s buy hosting and grab a free domain name

First, go to www.bluehost.com, if you have not Bluehost hosting yet to host your blog. Make sure to open the Bluehost website on the next page to follow all the steps.

Wordpress Guide

After Clicking the button to get started on the home page (green button), you will see a price list option, choose anyone we are going to choose the Basic Plan.

Wordpress Guide for Beginners

After selecting your plan, you need to enter your domain name its free. If you want to use free to enter your niche or hit enter, I’ll create my domain later to choose domain later. Or you want to use your own domain use kindly fill the second box.

You can grab a free domain name later.

Wordpress Guide for Beginners

On the next page, you see create an account section, as well as you can also log in with your Google account.

Wordpress Guide for Beginners
sign in with google

After that, you see the section of the package information, package extra & payment information.

  • Select Your Plan. Where you can select the length of your Plan. We recommend you to go longer because it provides the best value of your money. The 1-year plan is also great as well.
  • You can cancel your plan risk-free within 30 days, Bluehost offer you can cancel your plan anytime during the first 30 days and get back your 100% amount refund.
  • After selecting your package information, you see the package extra in this field make sure unchecked all boxed expect Domain Privacy + Protection. It looks like this
Wordpress Guide for Beginners

If you select Domain Privacy Protection. It hides your personal details so that your information confidently secure.

Finally, You completed your hosting process. Now you need to make the payment. Kindly add your payment method details check the standard privacy policy and terms of services and hit the submit button.

Wordpress Guide for Beginners

HURRAY! Now you have your own blog or hosting plan! The next step will direct you to create your password before doing anything else! Make sure the password is secure. After entering the password, click the Login button. This will redirect you to select you to theme for your WordPress blog.

You completed your step-01 of WordPress Guide for Beginners

Step 02:- Install WordPress

The theme is showing are all free. You can select any one theme to launch your blog.

After selecting a theme for your blog, It will take a few minutes to set up your WordPress dashboard. Once its finish click “start building” to go your dashboard. Now here, Click on the “Business” Blue button. If you miss this step and by mistake click personal, So Don’t worry It not really matter.


Next step is very easy, You’ll be asked to set up a site title and site description. Mention here about your Blog title but you are not sure about your blog title simply fill your website name or click next step, You can set it later.

You can see the image of site title & Description.

site title

Follow the step as per the guide below:-

  • It will ask? you want to update your blog with new content. In that case, hit the yes button.
  • Now You will be prompted to select whether you’d like to set your homepage up to display recent post or static homepage. You can select a static homepage. Most people use this. You can choose anyone.
  • After selecting your homepage design, Bluehost asks you? Build a Starter Contact Page. We are going to choose No thanks! We make it later.
  • Skip Jetpack Plugin. I don’t recommend installing and using jetpack as its a pulvinated plugin. It slows down your website.
  • Before moving on to the next stage, make sure you visit the mail account that you used in the Bluehost account. So, that you can verify your order with Bluehost.
Verify mail id

Step 03:- Become WordPress Dashboard Ninja

WordPress is a very challenging task to learn for the first time for newbies. But, If you have a passion for learning it, is not so difficult. You can learn it easily. I promise you!

Once you understand the Basis, You will be able to learn it really quickly. It helps you to become a Dashboard expert. Pay attention to the main box arena given below image.

  • Posts:- This is the way where you write your award-winning post. Also, you can edit it anytime, Blog posts generally organized by Categories so that people can easily find the Content there are 4 options under Posts.
    1. All Posts
    2. Add New
    3. Categories
    4. Tags
  • Media:- This is the main part of your website. Thi section used for adding Media files like images, logos, Gifs, Videos, PDF files, and many others. There are 2 options under Media.
    1. Library
    2. Add New
  • Pages:- Pages are similar to posts in that they look the same in WordPress and have the same content editor. Pages different from Post. Basically, all blogger use pages to make deal sections (i.e Bluehost hosting), Contact Us, Privacy Policy, Refund Policy, Our Resources & many more.
  • Comments:- All Posts comment shows here which is written by your reader. You can respond to their comments from there, even you can customize it, delete it or many more.
  • Appearance:- Here you can customize your Blog. You can change Logo, Site Title & Description, Create Menu, Sidebar & add additional CSS.

How to Start Blog in 2020

  • Plugins:- Plugin is an add-on software you can use it to make changes outside the capabilities of your theme, More than 70,000+ plugins available in the WordPress directory. Plugin use for Different Purposes:-
    1. Fast Your Website
    2. Customize Your Website
    3. Make Contact Page
    4. Increase your website Ranking
    5. And many more!
  • User:– This is the section where you can change your mail and password to your website or add a new user. If you hire a web developer or anyone or who helps you to design your website or make changes to your website. You can create new users give them access to your website.
  • Setting:- There is mention all WordPress settings. You can check it your self in their setting area.
    1. Site Tagline
    2. Email Address
    3. Time & Date Zone
    4. Home Page & Blog post Setting
    5. Comment Setting
    6. And many more

Step 04:- Extremely Important Changes after Installing WordPress

Always change this setting after installing WordPress. I hope you enjoy the WordPress guide for beginners.

  • Delete Default Page, Posts & Comment

After Installing WordPress, you get by default pages, comment & Post. Delete this post or Create a new one.

To Delete Dummy Content:- Login to your Dashboard goto All Posts and trash the hello world.

Follow this step for page & comment. It’s too easy.

  • Set WordPress Discussion/Comment setting

Go to setting >> Click Discussion, simply check the box the same as a screenshot.

  • Media Setting

By default WordPress create multiple size images, this is not good for your website. Your website takes lots of time to open. To fix this simply go to setting>media and 0 (Zero) all the value. You can also use short pixels or other image optimization plugin.

  • Set Time Zone & Site Title or tagline
Set time Zone

Make sure you set your time zone to your local time. So, that when you schedule any post and page, that will go live according to your time. Add your site title or tagline if it is not correct. It is so important because this shows up on google search.

  • Set Up Permalinks

Permalinks are a very important part of your post ranking. I recommend you to choose it to post name. By default, it comes with the default option. To set your permalink goto setting open permalinks then select post name after that hit the save changes button.

80% completed of WordPress Guide for Beginners

Step 05:- How to Install WordPress Plugin


Now we are going to install plugins on our website. Go to Your Dashboard > Go to Plugins >  Click on Add New Option Its redirect you to Add Plugins option > There is 2 option to install plugins, 1st is Upload plugin or second is a search plugin. After that Simply click on Install Now then hit the active button. You Install Plugin Successfully. Without Plugin WordPress is nothing because you can do anything using Plugin. Ther are lots of plugin on WordPress, I’m telling about some plugins. I also use this plugin for in website or Client website.

Step 06:- Choose Perfect Theme for Website & Install WordPress Theme

After Installing WordPress, or understand the dashboard. Now We are going to talk about the theme. There is an important thing is how is your blog or website looks like, How much it time take to open. The design has a very important role in blogs, if you do not have an ideal design and speed, you are losing millions of traffic. If you don’t want to spend more money on a theme you can choose free theme there are a thousand themes in the WordPress theme directory.  But I don’t recommend you go with free themes, because it has lots of risks, limited customization, speed & many bugs and many more.

I suggest you choose to GeneratePress or Genesis theme for your blog. I’m also using GeneratePress or Genesis. These themes are the lightest theme (up to 50kb). It helps you to open your website fast. I liked the design of the theme many people use this theme. There are many themes you can find it on google as per your requirements.

I hope you select the theme for your blog. Now, Let see how to Install and Activate the theme.

Install & Activate Free Theme.

theme free install
  1. Go to Dashboard.
  2. Click on Appearance.
  3. Click on Themes
  4. Select Any theme or click on the install button.
  5. wait for a movement. It appeared Activate option. Again Click on activate.

Ta-da You Install a Free theme to your WordPress Blog.

For Installing any theme from your local device follow these steps. I’m using the Genesis theme for this tutorial.

paid theme
  1. Go to Dashboard.
  2. Click on Appearance.
  3. Click on Themes
  4. Hit the button Upload Theme
  5. Now click on the Choose File or select file from your local file manager. Make sure your theme in a zip file. After selecting the theme from your local file manager hit the open button.
  6. Now Click on Install Now.
  7. After Installing the theme Its redirects the activation of your theme, Just click on Activate.

Finally, You Installed and activated your theme successfully.



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