Start Blogging in 2020

You want to start blogging in 2020 from WordPress to make & boost your own passive income source live boss free life? if yes, then you are in the right place.


You are interested in making a passive income through the blog, affiliate marketing, which helps you to live 9 AM to 5 PM Job. Starting a Blog is the first step or  Its easy to start. After reading this post you will start your blog today and boost your dream success. Here are some easy steps to make your blog without doing any single mistake. Some tips which help you to boost your new branded blog. Starting a new blog not a big deal at all but all you need some most important guidance which helps you to Start Blogging in 2020 from  WordPress scratch (Step by Step). I’m your guidance counselor. and I’m helping you to create a blog & helps you to Start Blogging in 2020.

Step 01:- Choose a Perfect Niche for your Blog.

It is a very important part and many newbie bloggers stuck at this step. Niche is like a topic but not an easy topic because they, have several topics in it. If you’re still confused about your bog topic being “profitable”. You are wasting your time because there are many people make $1000 with strange topics.

Before making money with blog try to understand what your audience wants and what they need any particular topic. Some great general topics that are known to be profitable include.

  • Health & Fitness
  • Recipes
  • Travel
  • DIY & Craft
  • Lifestyle
  • Home & Office Decoration
  • Education
  • Make Money Online
  • Technology
  • Beauty & Fashion

You can choose more topic or merge all topics and make multi niche blog.

Choose any topic which topic you like to write about them. Please don’t think too much or waste your time deciding which topic is better for me. I think you find a niche for your blog so let move step 2.

Step 02:- Choose Good Domain Name

If you decided your Domain Name, Kindly skip this step.

When I started my blog. I don’t know how to select a good and brandable domain name for my Blog. I almost wasted up to 10k to buy a domain name. Many Newbies do the same mistake, I think you don’t do the same mistake…! I’m helping you to choose a perfect Domain name for you. Here are some tips & guides which help you to find your brandable or good domain name.

  1. Use Keyword:- You can use your main niche & topic in your domain which helps you to increase website SEO.
  2. Never Use Number:- Never use numeric numbers in your domain name. it’s not easy to remember for your audience.
  3. Always Choose it Short & Simple:- Try to choose your domain is short or simple. So that people learn it easily. (For example, my first domain name is it’s not easy to remember or it’s so long. Right now I’m using or
  4. Always Use TLD Extension:- I always recommend you to choose .com extension because it’s for globally.

There are many tools to find the perfect domain name. It easy to use just type your keyword, Its show availabilities of  Domain Name, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & Pinterest Usernames.

Step 03:- Choose a Good Hosting and Platform for your Blog

To Build a Blog, you need two things. Hosting or Platform for Blogging.

  • Platform:- Place where you will add, make edits and write your blog posts. Why use WordPress lets know about that.
  • Hosting:- You are buying a new home for your website. You need to buy a webspace on the internet for your Blog. Here you set up your Blog. This Guide also helps you to buy a perfect hosting.

We are going to use the hosting Bluehost with the blogging platform WordPress and this match is the perfect way to start for Newbies.

Good Hosting and Platform

WordPress and Bluehost are like good friends for beginner because:-

  • WordPress is the platform used by 95% of successful bloggers because it is very powerful and easy to customizable. It is available over 100 languages. 35% of the internet powered by this WordPress.
  • WordPress has more than 50,000+ Plugins and 10,0000+ Themes.
  • Bluehost is a perfect hosting for beginners and Bluehost has 24*7 support on Call, Email & Live Chat.

At this point, I’m sure you are wondering about that.

Bonus:- How do I start a free blog?

You can start a Free Blog If you want.

My Opinion:- You Shoudn’t start a free blog. If you want to make passive income or a successful business.

Free Blog platforms come with a whole lot of limitation here are some points.

  • Don’t Own Your Domain Name.
  • You can’t run ads and limited in other ways of monetizing your content.
  • It looks unprofessional and is not a trusted source.
  • Minimum Bandwidth.
  • Limited Supports.
  • Lots of Bugs & Many More

You can start a free blog, without putting any money in it, but you can not earn money from it.

Believe me:- You can start a free blog If you like to share your knowledge. But you can not earn money from it.

Step 04:-How much does it cost to start a Blog & Setup Hosting?

The best thing is the price is affordable to start a blog that can make a passive income these days.

Here are a few of the typical blog startup costs that you can expect to incur in 1st 3 Months.

  • Web Hosting $3.95 Monthly. You can also use Blogger (Blogspot) its free platform by Google LLC. Comes very limited features, Zero Plugins available.
  • Price as per theme features, you can also go for a Free theme, lots of bugs in Free themes Limited customization is available in the free theme. I recommend you to choose paid theme like Generate Press, Avada, Divi & Astra.
  • Email Marketing, You can go for a free Email Marketing tool, like Mail Chimp, Mail Poet and many more options available in the market. Using Email Service you can increase your audience (subscriber) or Traffic of your website.
This price just starts your new blog and increase your blog subscriber. There are lots of free options available. We also provide free setup with theme & Plugin. Read our Free Service.

I’m going to guide you on how to buy hosting and how to start blogging in 2020 (Step by Step).

If you have not Hosting yet, Click here to go Bluehost and then use the guide below for making it easy. All process is step-by-step, So don’t worry you do all steps perfectly.

First, go to, if you have not Bluehost hosting yet to host your blog. Make sure to open the Bluehost website on the next page to follow all the steps.

After Clicking the button to get started on the home page (green button), you will see a price list option, choose anyone we are going to choose the Basic Plan.

After selecting your plan, you need to enter your domain name its free. If you want to use free to enter your niche or hit enter, I’ll create my domain later to choose domain later. Or you want to use your own domain use kindly fill the second box.

Setup Domain Name

You can choose Domain Name Later Don’t worry about that…!

On the next page, you see create an account section, as well as you can also log in with your Google account.

sign in with google

After that, you see the section of the package information, package extra & payment information.

  • Select Your Plan. Where you can select the length of your Plan. We recommend you to go longer because it provides the best value of your money. The 1-year plan is also great as well.
  • You can cancel your plan risk-free within 30 days, Bluehost offer you can cancel your plan anytime during the first 30 days and get back your 100% amount refund.
  • After selecting your package information, you see the package extra in this field make sure unchecked all boxed expect Domain Privacy + Protection. It looks like this
Unchecked all

If you select Domain Privacy Protection. It hides your personal details so that your information confidently secure.

Finally, You completed your hosting process. Now you need to make the payment. Kindly add your payment method details check the standard privacy policy and terms of services and hit the submit button.

payment information

HURRAY! Now you have your own blog or hosting plan! The next step will direct you to create your password before doing anything else! Make sure the password is secure. After entering the password, click the Login button. This will redirect you to select you to theme for your WordPress blog.

Getting Start with WordPress

The theme is showing are all free. You can select any one theme to launch your blog.

Don’t Panic:- You can change the theme any time. We will discuss it later below.

After selecting a theme for your blog, It will take a few minutes to set up your WordPress dashboard. Once its finish click “start building” to go your dashboard. Now here, Click on the “Business” Blue button. If you miss this step and by mistake click personal, So, Don’t worry It not really matter.


Next step is very easy, You’ll be asked to set up a site title and site description. Mention here about your Blog title but you are not sure about your blog title simply fill your website name or click next step, You can set it later.

You can see the image of site title & Description.

site title

Follow the step as per guide:-

  • It will ask? you want to update your blog with new content. In that case, hit the yes button.
  • Now You will be prompted to select whether you’d like to set your homepage up to display recent post or static homepage. You can select a static homepage. Most people use this. You can choose anyone.
  • After selecting your homepage design, Bluehost asks you? Build a Starter Contact Page. We are going to choose No thanks! We make it later.
  • Skip Jetpack Plugin. I don’t recommend installing and using jetpack as its a pulvinated plugin. It slows down your website.
  • Before moving on to the next stage, make sure you visit the mail account that you used in the Bluehost account. So, that you can verify your order with Bluehost.
Verify mail id

How To Access Bluehost or Your Blog (WordPress)

There are 2 ways to get back into your WordPress dashboard and access your dashboard.

  • Go to and log in to the account. Use the same email or Password which one you use to create your Bluehost account.
Visit Dashboard
  • 2nd way to access Blog is direct you need to change your password or add a new admin on your website. Follow these steps

Change your Password

  • Go to the dashboard first.
  • Click on the User option. You will see the username list. Hover the username, You will see the edit option. Click on it. If you are changing your password simply click on Your Profile last option in Users.
  • Scroll Down, Here is Account Management. Now Click on Generate Password. Now Enter your specific secure password.
  • Scroll Down, and update the profile.
Change WordPress password

Add a New Admin

  • Go to the dashboard first.
  • Click on the User option Click on Add New. You will see the Add New panel. Fill all the details, Select Role as an Administrator. Then click Add New User.

Once you change the password, you need to log in to your dashboard to into your browser and will be redirected to the WordPress login dashboard. Now type your username or password which one you created or change the password.

Step 05:- Become a WordPress Dashboard Expert

WordPress is a very challenging task to learn for the first time for newbies. But, If you have a passion for learning it, is not so difficult. You can learn it easily. I promise you!

Once you understand the Basis, You will be able to learn it really quickly. It helps you to become a Dashboard expert. Pay attention to the main box arena given below image.

  • Posts:- This is the way where you write your award-winning post. Also, you can edit it anytime, Blog posts generally organized by Categories so that people can easily find the Content. There are 4 options under Posts.
  1. All Posts
  2. Add New
  3. Categories
  4. Tags
  • Media:- This is the main part of your website. Thi section used for adding Media files like images, logos, Gifs, Videos, PDF files, and many others. There are 2 options under Media.
  1. Library
  2. Add New
  • Pages:- Pages are similar to posts in that they look the same in WordPress and have the same content editor. Pages different from Post. Basically, all blogger use pages to make deal sections (i.e Bluehost hosting), Contact Us, Privacy Policy, Refund Policy, Our Resources & many more.
  • Comments:- All Posts comment shows here which is written by your reader. You can respond to their comments from there, even you can customize it, delete it or many more.
  • Appearance:- Here you can customize your Blog. You can change Logo, Site Title & Description, Create Menu, Sidebar & add additional CSS.
  • Plugins:- Plugin is an add-on software you can use it to make changes outside the capabilities of your theme, More than 70,000+ plugins available in the WordPress directory. Plugin use for Different Purposes:-
  1. Fast Your Website
  2. Customize Your Website
  3. Make Contact Page
  4. Increase your website Ranking
  5. And many more!
We have an article on the best plugin for your blog.
  • User:– This is the section where you can change your mail and password to your website or add a new user. If you hire a web developer or anyone or who helps you to design your website or make changes to your website. You can create new users give them access to your website.
  • Setting:- There is mention all WordPress settings. You can check it your self in their setting area.
  1. Site Tagline
  2. Email Address
  3. Time & Date Zone
  4. Home Page & Blog post Setting
  5. Comment Setting
  6. And many more

step 06:- Choose the Perfect Theme for your Blog

After Installing WordPress, or understand the dashboard. Now We are going to talk about the theme. There is an important thing is how is your blog or website looks like, How much it time take to open. The design has a very important role in blogs, if you do not have an ideal design and speed, you are losing millions of traffic. If you don’t want to spend more money on a theme you can choose free theme there are a thousand themes in the WordPress theme directory.  But I don’t recommend you go with free themes, because it has lots of risks, limited customization, speed & many bugs and many more.

I suggest you choose to GeneratePress or Genesis theme for your blog. I’m also using GeneratePress or Genesis. These themes are the lightest theme (up to 50kb). It helps you to open your website fast. I liked the design of the theme many people use this theme. There are many themes you can find it on google as per your requirements.

I hope you select the theme for your blog. Now, Let see how to Install and Activate the theme.

Install & Activate Free Theme.
theme free install
  1. Go to Dashboard.
  2. Click on Appearance.
  3. Click on Themes
  4. Select Any theme or click on the install button.
  5. wait for a movement. It appeared Activate option. Again Click on activate.
Ta-da You Install a Free theme to your WordPress Blog.

For Installing any theme from your local device follow these steps. I’m using the Genesis theme for this tutorial.

paid theme
  1. Go to Dashboard.
  2. Click on Appearance.
  3. Click on Themes
  4. Hit the button Upload Theme
  5. Now click on the Choose File or select file from your local file manager. Make sure your theme in a zip file. After selecting the theme from your local file manager hit the open button.
  6. Now Click on Install Now.
  7. After Installing the theme Its redirects the activation of your theme, Just click on Activate.
Finally, You Installed and activated your theme successfully.

Step 07:- How to Install Plugins & You must have these Essential Plugins

Now we are going to install plugins on our website or we will discuss some essential plugins.


Go to Your Dashboard > Go to Plugins >  Click on Add New Option Its redirect you to Add Plugins option > There is 2 option to install plugins, 1st is Upload plugin or second is a search plugin. After that Simply click on Install Now then hit the active button. You Install Plugin Successfully.

Without Plugin WordPress is nothing because you can do anything using Plugin. Ther are lots of plugin on WordPress, I’m telling about some plugins. I also use this plugin for in website or Client website.

  • WP-Discuzz (Comments):- This plugin gives you more customization over the comment section for your blog. It has a professional design and it also has all kinds of setting that you can customize at your end.

Do you need this comment plugin?

May be Yes! Comments are the most powerful feedback tool for your blog. With this plugin, you can change customize your comment forms in a number of ways including.

  1. Profile Pictures
  2. Comment Notification
  3. Colors & many more.
  • WP-Rocket:- You know that speed is the most important part of your website You can optimize your website from this plugin, Even many bloggers use this plugin. I also recommend you to use this plugin to optimize your website There are many alternatives you can go with that, According to other WP-Rocket is easy to use. Other Plugins are complicated to understand for newbies.
  • Yoast SEO:- SEO (Search Engine Optimization) means to optimize your content to make it more visible in search engines. It easy to use, for best SEO Result you need to try getting a green light. It is available in the Free & Paid version. You can use anyone.
  • Social Welfare
  • Convertkit
  • Easy of Table Content
  • Updraft
  • Anti Spam
  • Pretty Links

Step 08:– Write Your First Award Winning Post & Publish it

Creating a Blog Post you need to click on the posts then click add New. Your website redirects you on another blank white screen with some important points.

Let first discuss some important points You always Remember this.

  1. If you still confuse to search the topic of your first post. So, I recommend you to do some market analysis around your niche and you will find the awesome keywords or title that easy to rank.
  2. Always Tries to make a superb title of your blog post using numbers and powerful words. It helps you to rank easily on google.
  3. Always add images for making your article compressive, I strongly recommend you to make your article and more in details post you can make the reader.
  4. For SEO:- Always add on inbound URL or external URL to another webpage you can Affiliate marketing URL.

Let’s get started our first blog post in WordPress.

First Navigate to Post -> Add New from your dashboard menu. 

Start with the title of your first blog post. You can name it what you want. There are some suggestion:-

  • Welcome to my Blog.
  • Why I started this blog.
  • Any Attractive Title.

You can change your blog post title at any time.

After you’ve written your title, click on the white section to write your content. I’m using a classic editor plugin. I recommend you to choose theirs Because it is easy to use.

post title

I write a simple welcome message and introduce my blogging resources. Next, add an image. It helps you build a personal connection with your reader. To insert an image or video, you can click the Add Media button on the bottom of the title. Then select your media from your media library. You can also upload a file from your local file. Now you can select media from your local drive and upload it on WordPress. Once you upload any media, you can easily use it in any other post or page in the future.

add media at local file

Once you upload media, you can write the rest of your content by adding a new text & media.

You can choose more images or links to increase your SEO ranking.

Include other images or ideas that you think might be helpful or relevant here. You can also include a few links to another website that you felt motivated & inspired to start your blogging journey. You can select words and press CTRL + K to add URL.

Publish your Award-Winning Post

Right now your post in draft mode while you are writing it. This means that a draft copy is saved in WordPress and no view of this content. Once your award-winning post is ready. You can publish is so that the reader can read it. To publish a blog post, just click the publish button at the top right corner.

publish my post

Step 09:- Make Money from Blog

There are many ways which you can use to make money from your award-winning website. In this part, we will discuss some ways to make passive income from a blog. Here is a list of ways that helps you to make your first income online.

  1. Affiliate Marketing:- You’ve to promote other products on your website or blog and if you get a sale if that product so then you will get a commission for this sale.
  2. Sell your own course or e-Book:- If you know how to sell anything so you can create your course and sell to readers but before selling any product you have to build trust toward your audience.
  3. Offering Services:- If you are an expert on design a Website, SEO, PPC anyone. So you can offer service to your reader and you will be directly paid by them fastest way to earn money from your blog.


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