How to increase website Traffic Free

We all know how much traffic is important on a blog or website. In this article, we will learn how to increase website traffic free with our free tips. To create a successful blog, you need high traffic on your blog. I read daily multiple blogs also focus on their Alexa ranking, Domain Age, and many more thing. If you update your blog regularly you can improve your ranking.

Let’s know How to increase website Traffic Free.

  • Giveaway Contest:-Everybody loves free stuff. To increase traffic you can use surprise contest.

Giveaway Contest

  • Increase Traffic from Forums:- Want Increase traffic? Simply, Use forums! Forums are the biggest source of traffic. Increase traffic from forums it’s very easy. Create an account and update your profile with your website link.How to increase website Traffic Free
  • Reduce Your Bounce Rate:- A high bounce rate, damage your site’s page views, Conversions many more and it can even hurt your SEO & You. That’s very bad for your website.
  • Speed up Your Page & Website:- In your website is a very important factor in Google algorithms. If your website speed is slow, then visitor doesn’t love your website & you’re going to lower rank. One of the simplest way to increase your website traffic without investment an advertisement. If you have Good website speed & SEO in Place.

Became Blogger Website Speed

  • Use Social Media:- One of the best ways to increase website traffic use social media to promote your content or website. Use social media to increase twitter, Instagram Facebook & LinkIn.

social media

  • Email Marketing:- Always use email marketing, If someone visit on your website and they love your website, Definitely they will come to your website again. If they forget your website, then they reach on your website through email. If you are using email service.

Use email marketing

  • Add Image to your Blog post:-  If you have image n your blog post you can easily increase your traffic 20% people search image.

  • Update your Old Post Headline:-  Always update your older post headline & some content. For example, I write a post (Topics:- How to increase traffic on your website) after some time I change it and update a new name (How to Drive 90,000 traffic in a month in my blog). If you doing this, you get instant traffic from this.
  • Comment Or Guest Posting:- Comment on the different website make sure where you comment that website has low spam score. Also, write a guest post to make sure to update your profile with your website URL. Also, invite people to write a guest post on your website.comment

The benefit of Guest Posting on your website

  • Save time:- If people write content on your website you don’t have to write the content regularly.

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Through this article, we have just told you how to increase traffic to your website, without any payment. There is no promoting the product of any of our companies in this article, there is not any kind of affiliate link in this article.

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