Best 5 WordPress Plugin Migrate site a New Hosting

If you don’t know how to move your WordPress site to another Hosting (server). You think it’s hard to migrate my website but honestly. It is pretty simple and the WordPress plugin makes it a lot easier than you think. If your Hosting Company charges you to migrate a website. In that case, your best way to migrate your existing website manually without any cost or data loss.

Best 5 WordPress Plugin Migrate site a New Hosting

In this post, we know about Best WordPress Plugin Migrate site a New Hosting

How Can you do it?

Using a migration plugin you can easily migrate your website one host to another host without any advanced skill.

Before migration of your website make sure backup your website.

Now, We know some of the best migration plugins for beginners.

1. All in One Migration

This is one of the best powerful migration plugins to move your site with ease. All in one work all hosting like Go-Daddy, Bluehost, In-motion, Hostgator &, etc. It is very easy or convenient to use All in One Migration Plugin as it works. You can migrate your website once to another just click 2, Let’s come and know-how can you migrate. It’s Free to download and comes with a premium version that allows you to store your website back up and Restore your site from Google Drive, Amazon, Cloud box &, etc.

All in one support is award-winning they reply to your mail within 20 to 30 min or solve your problem.

How you can Migrate your old website Older to New.

Trust Me, It’s Very Easy. If I Can Do this, Anyone Can do this.

Download File Now

  • Install Plugin > Add New > Search Plugin (All in One WP Migration).
  • After getting Plugin click on Install Now then wait a moment again click to activate your plugin.

All in one Wp migration Export

  • To export your old website data Click on Export under the All-in-One WP Migration.
  • After click you get an Option of (EXPORT TO) then again click on Export to and you show drop-down options click on File.
  • Now, wait a couple of minutes, It depends on Website File size. After exporting you get Download option, Click To  Download.

Download File Now

Now, We Learn How Can Import Old website to New Hosting.

  • Install Plugin> Add New > Search Plugin (All in One WP Migration) on New Hosting.
  • After getting Plugin click on Install Now then wait a moment again click to activate your plugin.
  • To import your old website data to New Hosting Click on Import under the All-in-One WP Migration.

All in one Import

  • After Clicking Import from you show drop down option.
  • Again Click on File and select file from your File Manager.
  • Now-Again waits a couple minutes till to show the finish message on your screen.

2. Up Draft Plus

Up Draft Plus is the most downloaded plugin over with 2+ million downloads with a 4.9+ rating. You can migrate your website to another server for the same domain or different domains without worrying about any technical knowledge. It will take  5 minutes hardly to complete the whole website migration process with updraft plus migrator. Also, you can use the clone feature to create the same copy of your website in the cloud.

You can use updraft free and migrator addon comes for the premium price for $ 30. Download Free Up Draft Plugin Here or Official Website.

Now let’s talk about how to use Up Draft Plus.

  • Install & activate Plugin Up Draft Plugin from the Plugin section.
  • To Backup your website Click on Setting > Up Draft Plus Backup.
  • Click Backup Now to backup your website.

backup updraft

  • When you click backup Now You will see a pop-up. Click both check boxes or don’t click the last checkbox because if you click the last checkbox that means you allow to delete your backup manually.

Now, the main question is how can you download your old website backup? Let’s know about it…!

  • After Backup your website you get your website backup below Existing Backups.

Download Backup files

  • You will see backup data (Click to DownloadTo download the file click one by one or download.

  • After clicking you will find a new option. like File Ready, Actions: Download to your Computer select this option. To download the file locally.
  • Do this step for all. e.g:- Database (DB), Plugin, Theme, Upload, Other.

Time to Upload the old file to New Hosting.

  • Login to your Dashboard.
  • Install & Activate Plugin Up Draft.
  • To upload a file you have to click option Upload Backup Files
Upload Files to New Hosting
Upload Files to New Hosting
  • Upload file Locally, Where you download old website backup.
  • To upload files simply Press CTRL + CLICK or enter to upload.
  • Wait 4 seconds, after backup restoration, you will get the option to Restore or Delete. Simply click on Restore.

Boom! You successfully Upload Your Old website to New Website.

3. Duplicator

Duplicator is the most popular WordPress migration plugin which allows you to migrate sir to any Webhosting. It works by creating a package for site files & Database Combined without files, including WordPress software. You need to remember while using duplicators it does not create the database automatically. So you have to create a new database first on your new hosting account. Before you transfer the files.

Let’s Know How you can do this?

  • Install & activate a plugin Duplicator.
  • Click on Create Package.
  • When you click Create New then its automatic goes Packages
  • Check Package Name in my case my package name is (20190805_indianblogger) which means Year-Month-Date_website title name.
  • Leave Storage & Installer section, Don’t need to change anything.
  • We have to change in the Archive. You have to select 2nd checkbox (Don’t check-in 1st option:- Archive Only the Database).
  • After doing this all settings click on Next, It’s scanning your website data, storage, images & all files.

  • Hurray!!! You successfully set up your website, Now click on build.
  • After clicking build to take time as per your website speed or storage.
  • After successfully building your website data you need both files.

Time to upload your website on new hosting.

  • Upload your file to the root domain, If It single domain upload on public_html.
  • Then you have to open a link
  • You will show duplicator option, Now setup it.

Duplicator Import New Website

  • After that, you need to create a database.
  • After creating a database fill the username or password & DB name.
  • Now, click on the test database if it correct then, proceed to next.
  • Fill step 3 then Click next after that click site login or check your site.

4. Migrate Guru

migrate tool

Migrate Guru is the superb WordPress migration plugin right now. This Migrator is totally free to use. It allows WordPress admins the ability to move. You can also do duplicate or clone the complete website. Don’t worry about moving your Database, Pictures, Plugin & moving your whole files independently.

How It’s Differ from other WordPress migration?

  • One-Click Migration.
  • No Overload on site.
  • Build for a large site.
  • No addon, Fully Free.
  • No Storage Space Required.
  • Work all types of hosting.
  • Fully Automatic.
  • Alerts

Let’s Do it..!

migrate tool

  • Install & Activate migrate Guru.
  • Enter your email address. Migrate guru sends you to update at two-stage of migration.
  • Site Url:- Enter your site Url, you’re set up on your new website.
  • Server IP Address:- Enter your server IP address of the site configured your web host account.

How can you find these details? These instructions are a host that uses Cpanel. To find these details contact your hosting provider.

Now, Migrate Your Site.

Next, Click on Migrate, You’re nearly there.

Once you click the migrate button, Migrate Guru will send you an email notification confirming that the process of migration has begun. You don’t need to keep your browser window open during the migration it’s fine & automatically done, Close your Browser and Shut down your System. Once the migration process completed, migrate guru will send you another email – this time you got a mail notifying you about the successful migration.

Hurray! You have done it successfully.


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